Transform your 3D Printer into shoe factory! Kai Parthys latest invention. A rubber like filament for shoe soles. It’s flexible but still strong enough to protect your feed everyday. This material is ideal for fashion design, wearables and DIY shoes. SOLAY comes in two colors: dark and natural. The natural material can be easily colored using alcohol based permanent marker inks.

Looking for the killer app of 3D printing? Footwear might be one of the candidates.

Use the right thing: 1730 HOTEND

Best Print results with the 1730 Full Metal Hotend (patent pending). For the very first time it is possible to print 1.75 mm or 3 mm filament with the same Hotend. 1730’s innovative modular design is leakage proofed and optimized for printing Lay-Filaments.

The 1730 full metal hotend is developed by LAY-Filaments developer Kai Parthy and the team behind 3D printer manufacturer ReprapUniverse.

4D Meta material: The PoroLAY series

LAYWOO-D3 & LAYwood-Flex

In 2012 we started with LAYWOO-D3, the first wood filled filament in the world.  Printing wood in 3D has become a standard, but the original still has the best performance! And we developed it further: LAYwood-FLEX. 3D print wood that is flexible, now!


Easy post processing!

We develop complex materials that can be handled with a smile! Most of the post processing is based on water. No hazardous and odorous solvents! Water is a cheap solvent keeps you healthy.

Check out our special support materials. Soak your supported print in water or just brake away unique filament. We make support materials for high  temperatures High-T-LAY and low temperatures LAY-a-PVA.

Precision and micro functionality!

If it comes to precision LAY-Filaments offers material functionality in microscopic scales. Ideal for bio engineering!


LAYCERAMIC: Print objects and finish them as real ceramics at 1200° C

Print your object with your FDM 3D printer. Burn out the polymers at 1200° C. Glaze your ceramics as usual and finish them in the oven.


MoldLAY – A waxy filament for casting

With MoldLAY you can cast your favorite compound. Print your custom mold on a FDM 3D printer.

  • Lost core casting for metals:
    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Copper
    • Bronze
    • Steel
    • Tin
    • Aluminium




Some LAY-Filaments like LAYWOOD, LAYWOOD-Flex, LAYbrick have special Low-Warp features. We maximized the performance for our LAYlarge: The right material if you wanna print big size objects with less thermal deformation aka. WARP!

High quality filaments developed by Kai Parthy and produced in Germany
Our Materials


Made by nature! Make more nature! Print organic compounds or build up scaffoldings for bio engineering and tissue cultures.


Warp is the biggest problem in most FDM printers. Less thermal deformation means better Quality! Our Low-Warp optimized filaments let you print big objects.


Functional materials for smart designs. Combine material functions to get the most out of your designs. We offer flexible, wooden, magnetic, and many other features.

4D Meta

With the right post processing you can add a new dimension to your prints. Extend functionality, performance and lift your design to the next level!